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Dental Care, Cleaning, Extractions

Not just a cosmetic consideration! The health of our pets' mouths is directly related to their overall health. Many health problems start in the mouth. Some liver, kidney, and heart problems can be prevented with proper oral hygiene.

Plaque, tartar, periodontal disease, and infected teeth serve as a source of inflammation and infection for the rest of the body. Plaque harbors bacteria that can infect gum tissue and the root system of the teeth. This can result in healthy teeth having to be extracted because the root structure has been compromised. If your pet is 3 years or older, he/she likely has tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth and probably needs a dental cleaning. Many older pets will have advanced tartar build-up and some degree of gum disease.

Regular professional cleaning is important in maintaining your pet's health at any age. We use modern and safe ultrasonic equipment; each tooth is thoroughly cleaned above and below the gum line. Dental technicians polish the teeth to create a smooth, lustrous surface more resistant to plaque buildup.

Our dental services at Mercersburg Veterinary Clinic include teeth cleaning and polishing, digital dental x-rays, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery